Tricks to Keep Your Apartment Cool – Silver Towers
Tricks to Keep Your Apartment Cool
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Event – Summer Solstice
July 3, 2018
NYC Luxury Apartment space and building events and location
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July 28, 2018
Whether you’re heading to the Hamptons or out for a stroll along the Hudson, it’s always nice to come home to a cool, refreshing apartment. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your apartment as cool and comfortable as can be in the warm summer weather.

A Splash of Color: With winter comes the vibrancy of reds, greens and the infamous New York black, but there is a reason these colors are associated with winter. They absorb light! While we all love the festive glow of NYC during the holidays, summer brings with it a different set of rules and festivities. Try dressing in lighter colors and arranging your apartment in lighter materials. Whites, light blues, yellows, lavender and any cotton soft color will suffice to keep that sun beam from bursting your summer bubble into flames.  
Add Small Plants: Plants not only filter the air around you, but also help release moisture into the air that can cool a room by 10 degrees in the summer. They can also act as shade, reduce summer illness and, of course, look beautiful and make you feel good. Some of the house plants with the most benefits include English Ivy (Hedera helix) and the spider plant (Chlorophytum cososum) which have air cleaning benefits. Try them for yourself!  
Remove bulky bedding and add lighter sheets: Switching your bedding will not only save you money on energy costs, but keep you cooler while you sleep. While a nice set of flannel or heavier materials will keep you warmer in the winter, lighter bedding will reduce heat absorption and make for a much more comfortable summer. You might even want to try switching to a lighter comforter or purchasing a buckwheat pillow! This will allow air to flow around you as they are less insulated and will keep you from sweating through your sheets. If you’re breaking out your summer wardrobe, might as well include the bedding.
Cooler Lamps and bulbs:  At Silver Towers, we can take advantage of all of the natural light that comes into our apartments, which solves many of our summer energy woes. It also might help to switch to energy saving light bulbs as regular ones can heat a room by an extra 11 degrees! Additionally, keeping your stove and oven off during the day helps keep temperatures low, as well as unplugging appliances you aren’t using and even switching your ceiling fan settings to help off-set air flow (clockwise in the winter, counterclockwise in the summer). 
Silver Towers offers all of the amenities one may need to survive summer in the city, but by taking these extra steps you will have the best summer ever! Now, you can come home refreshed and ready to take on whatever summer throws your way!
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